Dimension Cards is a game about dimensions.

Card Types Edit

  • Dimension
  • Weapon
  • Character
  • Spell

Gameplay Edit

Setting Up Edit

The Game is set up by putting down your Dimension Pile, Weapon Pile, Character Pile and Spell Pile. You then each pick your leader and the game begins.

First Turn (Both Players) Edit

On your first turn you draw 2 cards from each deck. Then you put down 1 dimension card to be your Home Dimension. You then put your leader and up to 2 other characters in your Home Dimension. You can not attack on your first turn.

Second-Last Turns Edit

On your second turn you draw 1 card from a deck of your choice. You then may place down a Dimension and put 1 creature in it. Then you attack either the opponent's leader or one of the opponent's characters. You do this by using a move. Moves each do a specific amount of damage. If you destroy a card it goes to the graveyard. Cards also have a special ability. For example: Zombie's Special ability is to rise from the dead, meaning it is out of the graveyard. Special Abilities are activated by using a certain amount of the leader's health. The Leaders each have 400 lives to start with.

Opponent's Second-Last Turns Edit

The opponents turn goes like your's but you may use a spell to make it difficult for him to attack, etc. He can also use a spell on your turn.

Winning The Game Edit

The game is won by destroying the opponent's leader.

Example Games Edit

Packs Edit

Starter Pack: Scalestreak, 120 cards

Booster Pack: 5 Cards

Leader Pack: 1 Leader Card

Expansion Pack: 1 Expansion Leader, 1 Expansion Dimension and 30 Expansion Cards

Expansion Packs Edit

Mythosa: Heracles, Mythosa, 30 Greek Myth based cards

Stardust: Astro, Stardust, 30 Space themed Cards


Cards Edit

Dimension Shards/Cards

Trivia Edit