Clarence's Cards is a card game created by Thibo1102. It is based around the Cartoon Network original show "Clarence". Shiny cards, despite being rare do exist, with a one in twenty-seven chance of finding them. There is also special invert colour cards which are much rarer than the shiny cards with a one in seventy-seven chance of finding them.

Cards Edit

How To Play Edit

The gameplay is similar to the Disney Collecting Cards, there are 4 attributes for every character; Friendship, Fame, Bravity and Leadership.

You must be with 2 players or more, one person lays down a card, and choses the attribute for this round, for example: If the player who lays a card choses bravity, and your card has more bravity, then you get all the cards. If no one has more, the person who layed the card gets everything.

The person who runs out of cards first, loses.