Boonie Battle is a 2 player card game based on the Boonies from an App called Boonie Planet.

Cards Edit

The cards are split into five tribes and Tribeless.

  • Tribeless
  • Treetop (strong against Tribeless, Underwater and Darkside)
  • Enchanted (strong against Tribeless, Treetop and Urban)
  • Darkside (strong against Tribeless, Enchanted and Underwater)
  • Urban (strong against Tribeless, Darkside and Treetop)
  • Underwater (strong against Tribeless, Urban and Enchanted)

If both cards are from the same tribe, the winning card depends on the rarity of the card. The rarities are, from the most common (weakest) to the least common (strongest):

  • Enemy (nameless Boonies, each tribe (including Tribeless) has ten cards)
  • Good (each Boonie has three cards)
  • Rare (each Boonie has two cards)
  • Epic (each Boonie has one card)

Note: Tribeless only has enemy Boonies.

Total amount of cards: 103

Full list of cards

Rules Edit

In the beginning, each player takes 52 or less cards (the amount of cards doesn't matter, as long as both players have the same amount of cards). The cards are in a pile and they are facing downwards. During a turn, both players place the card on the top of their pile somewhere. The player with the stronger card gets to keep both cards and places them in a separate pile. In case of a tie, both players keep the card they placed. When the players run out of cards (from the original piles), the game ends. The player with more cards wins.

Example game Edit

Example game

Trivia Edit

  • In Boonie Planet, each clan is only strong against one other clan. However, more interactivities were added in order to decrease the amount of ties during a turn.
  • There are also Legendary Boonies in Boonie Planet (even rarer than Epic Boonies) but they were scrapped because only the Legendary Boonies of the Treetop and Urban tribes are known at the moment.
  • Urban is the tribe with the most cards.
  • The game is also slightly based on the Skylanders card battle game by the Skylander Dad (played with the Skylander cards that come with the packs) where the Skylander with the higher Strenght stat wins.